Once upon a time investment capital was readily available to entrepreneurial  companies - not the case today!


It is also very often true that the individuals who work in the labratory perfecting the products of tomorrow do not have the skill set required to establish the relationships and secure the necessary funding to move forward. Often the skillsets required for commercialization including marketing, manufacturing, and distribution are not available.


HY-STOR Technologies is working to pair up the rare investor interested in early stage GREEN Opportunities with exciting technologies and drive the commercialization process.



Welcome HY-STOR Technologies

HY-STOR Technologies has identified a number of technologies from a variety of sources, each GAME CHANGERS in their individual product category.

All of the products are beyond PROOF OF CONCEPT and ready for the COMMERCIALIZATION process. Our challange is bringing the correct partners and the money together to move the product to market.

The HY-STOR Technologies executive team have the experience required to acomplish the task. Corporate Management, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing and Operations - domestically and internationally.


Technology Categories [samples]

Refrigeration | Air Conditioning

Cooling powered by low grade heat heat sources - technology replaces conventional compressor

Family of all Polymer Chillers

Rechargeable Battery

Industrial, high voltage, rechargable battery. Excellent alternative to Lead Acid or Lithium

Prospect Markets: Data Centers | Telecom | Grid Power | Motive

Power Generation

Convert Low Grade Heat into Electricity



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